Saturday, May 18, 2013

3 Weeks

I can't believe that there is only three weeks left! Time has just gone so quickly, I am in the midst of packing and visiting, visiting and packing.

It is starting to seem so scary but at the same time very exciting. I realize how much I will miss such as weddings, and babies, first AA hockey games, high school experiences and first apartments. I know that I will be able to keep in touch through Facebook and Skype but sometimes it doesn't seem enough. I can't wait to begin my own adventures though to share!

I booked my seats on the airplanes today, 6hrs to San Francisco and then 14hrs to Sydney. I booked window seats on both flights, therefore my apologies in advance to those who sit with me when I get up multiple time to use the bathroom.

I packed my first suitcase this week, full of toiletries. I am a little fussy about hair and face care so I only hope that an entire suitcase full should be enough! I have also started packing my clothes, it is hard to know what I will want and what I can pack away until I come home again. I only hope that I will be able to pack it all into 3 suitcases!

Sydney here I come!