Saturday, July 18, 2015

Returning Home

Canada, my home. While my heart will forever be scattered in pieces all over the world, I have reason to believe that the more you open your heart the more love you gain in return. I have opened my heart to the world and gained so much more than I could have imagined.

It was a heartbreakingly hard decision to move home but in the end the right one for me. I was torn for so long, stay in the UK, try my hand at another country or Canada. My family, my friends and my pets along with my desire for Canada has pulled me home.

Travel has helped me grow so much and I will be forever thankful for the opportunities I have received, the people I have met and everything along the way. I will never truly give up travel but I will be making Canada my permanent home base….well for now at least!

Thank you to all of you who have followed along my blog, read my adventures and been inspired to try something new. I hope to continue writing and will be sure to let you know where to join me.

Goodbye London.

Erika Christine xx

Beach Day in Brighton

It was rainy in London so I headed to Brighton for the afternoon on a whim with a friend. A first for me since I thoroughly enjoy planning out my weekends! I had an amazing lunch at Lucky Beach, hands down one of the best burgers I've had. Plus my second attempt drinking Pimms, I'm sold. We wandered around, played air hockey at the arcade, a few tries at the coin drops, and an ice-cream of course.

Coach Adventures

One of my favourite things about the Uk is how amazing their transportation system is. Back home everything is so far and the public transportation is so expensive. It basically forces you to drive everywhere. I've been using the coaches to my great advantage, megabus and national express are so cheap. I've been able to cross Cambridge, Bristol, Bath and Stonehenge all of my list!!

Cambridge was beautiful, it was a nice rainy english day when I visited. There were bikes everywhere, the university is so incorporated into the city itself that you would really need the bikes to get from one college to the next. I loved the old architecture and green spaces, beautiful parks!

Bristol was another rainy day… getting a theme here! I went with an English friend and we made the best of it, walking across the suspension bridge, enjoying a weather spoons lunch, wandering around the markets, and by the river. We even attended a church service!

Bath and Stonehenge were part of a day trip together, I met a lovely American couple and another young Canadian. I definitely thought the Bath's were going to be similar to the hot springs in Alberta Canada that I had been to before. Sooo useable, but these ones definitely hadn't been used since the time of Bath being popular for the nobles to go to. Even then I would have thought it to be old! I did dip my hand into one of the pools, to hopefully capture its magical healing powers. Stonehenge was gorgeous, very very windy but massive. Some tours allow you to go inside but I was stuck behind the ropes, still relatively close considering how massive they are. It's neat to hear the different theories of how they got there and where the rocks are all from. I'm still going with witchcraft.

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Days Out

I love when I can take the boys for a day out. They are so well behaved….well most of the time. Usually it's an excuse for me to do something childish and I have the perfect excuse with them tagging along. We had so much fun going to the London Zoo and to the Natural History Museum. It is so much fun to see their reactions and hear their questions as they begin to learn about something new. There are always some interesting observations as well!!

They are both growing so fast, I love having the days out to spend time together. Our routine gets so boring and repetitive for all of us!

Showing Off

One of my favourite things to do is explore my city. London is amazing and full of surprises, such as visits from 3 friends from home. Exploring and showing off the city I live in is always a pleasure.

 I had so much fun meeting up with G and her cousins, I took them out for fish and chips at my favourite Sherlock Holmes pub, which tied in perfectly to end their day as they had just come from the Sherlock Holmes museum. We met up one more time for an amazing curry in Shoreditch on Brick Lane.

An old friend toured London with his band. I was delighted to see Double Experience play! It's been more than a few years since I had seen I but it was like nothing had changed. The show was amazing and I was so happy that I had the chance to see them before they continued their European tour.

My friend A and I met up while she had a flight delay between flights onto her amazing Africa adventure. We climbed up the Monument and had an amazing lunch. She blogs as well and I'm more than happy to point you all towards her very aptly named blog, Adventurous Ames.

Honestly they all came within the same two weeks, it was a craze! I loved every minute of it and it reminded me how much I love my home friends. Thank you all for making my month of May so amazing!