Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Featherdale Park- Continued Week One

Australian Adventures!

In order to distract me from my crying and to introduce me to iconic Australian animals, my new family took me Featherdale Park to meet some Koalas and Kangaroos.

We had a great time feeding the kangaroos, petting the koalas, and seeing all of Australia's wildlife!

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Week One

I am here, in Sydney Australia!

Can you believe it, I am standing in Sydney Harbour. In this picture located right behind me is the Sydney Opera House and to my right not in the picture is the Sydney Harbour Bridge. After my new family picked me up from the airport we did a little tour of the Sydney. I saw where Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman live in their apartment down under. As well as great views of Sydney Harbour!

At first if was really hard to be away from everyone at home. All I wanted was to turn around and go home! I cried when I thought about everyone at home and cried when I talked to them on FaceTime or Skype. Thank goodness everyone here was very patient with me! It has really turned out well, I am really enjoying everyone here. 

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Flying to Sydney!

On my way!

As you can tell I put a lot of effort into my airport look...not!

Well I cried all the way from home to Dad's, got ahold of myself a little bit but then a few minutes after the above picture was taken I was in tears again. My sincere apologies to the people sitting next to me while we travelled from Toronto to San Francisco, I was a complete mess. I was crying, blowing my nose and got up way too many times to use the bathroom. My recommendations when leaving home for a year is to take the aisle seat, everyone will be better off!

Suitcases were another big issue! Always check with the airline and weigh your bags before leaving home. I had 2 too many suitcases apparently and one was overweight! If I wanted to check all my suitcases it would have cost me over 300 dollars, so that wasn't happening. I proceeded to go over to the side of the airport and start going through my bags to decide what I really needed and what I didn't. Trust you will want to have already done the bag check at home! I managed to come up with 2 underweight bags and sent my smallest bag home to wait for my return in a year. 

Sadly when I landed in San Francisco it was too dark to see anything and after I called home to tell Mom that I made it. I was crying again....I was the worst traveller! I boarded the plane to Sydney and made myself right at home with my pillow and blanket. I was asleep before the plane even took off! The ride to Sydney was spent sleeping, and I woke up with only 4 hours left until I landed. 

It was exciting to be landing in Sydney and after cleaning up a little bit and buying some duty free I was ready to meet my new family! 

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Just A Few More Days

I have begun my goodbyes, its hard and excited all at the same time. My emotions are up and down, sometimes I am upset about leaving family and friends but other times I am widely excited.

I can't wait to start a whole new life in Australia, with a new job and hopefully some new friends too!

I am all packed and will just be putting the final touches onto my suitcase. I have put my cute yorkie tags on and am excited to head to the airport on Thursday!