Friday, November 22, 2013

Noodle Markets- Week 20

I was able to check out the Noodle Markets this weekend. Tanya and I along with some of her other roommates. I'm not big into Asian foods and opted to just try a little bit. It was decorated really pretty and we spent a long time taking pictures of one another.

We even got up into some shenanigans and met up for drinks with some navy boys! 

Granny Smith Festival and Beach- Week 19

This weekend I did some babysitting, went to the Granny Smith Festival, and the beach. Friday night I stayed in and did some babysitting for a family close by to me. Then Saturday was the Granny Smith Festival on Saturday...who knew that a suburb of Sydney liked Granny Smith apples! We walked around looking at everything, I actually didn't see any apples. It was like a carnival or fair at home with rides and food stalls, a little bit of entertainment as well. We were going to go out in the city later but ended up staying in.

Sunday was spent relaxing at the beach with a book, it was wonderful! I brought a great book by Penny Vincenzi with me, and enjoyed the view as well before heading home.

Week 17/18- Part Two

International Fleet Review Continued>>>

It was so much fun to wander around the Fleet Review. I had a night out with my new friends and had a blast! We went out for drinks at Blackbirds and then went into Kings Cross to meet some sailors.

I even had my first date here in Australia, it was fun and unexpected. I definitely have a thing for Aussies now!!

I went back to went to the races again, while it was fun it just wasn't as good as last time. We drank some champagne, wandered around checking out the boys and the horses. We went back to one of the girl's houses to sleep afterwards.