Friday, August 16, 2013

23 and Happy Birthday to Me

Today is my last day being 22, for some reason turning 23 seems to be a big deal. I'm not sure that I want to leave being 22. It seems so much more carefree and fun.

I think that 23 is my year to "grow up", I'm not ready for that just yet. 

So borrowing a birthday song from a friend

Bring on 23!

Wrapped Up In Sickness- Week 9

Another day, another flu. T started getting sick again at the beginning of this week, fever and sore tummy again. It seems that every time we get back to normal we are sick again. I of course got it later on in the week. The weekend was a complete write-off, as I spent it in bed. I did however get a chance to watch The O.C. without interruption. I am now on season 2 which is slightly better than the first.

I have found another Harry Potter fan in one of the twins, and my plan to convince her that I am in the movie has worked....look I even made the cast list!

The week we almost didn't survive- Week 8

Screaming is just a phase right? Please let it be or else we may both be going insane!! 

This week was spent getting over the twins birthday party and all the sickness that we had last week. T has now gone full blown into her screaming as a way to converse phase. It is driving us all nuts! 

We have a hair dresser who comes to the house and trims everyone's hair for them. I finally went all the way in having my long hair cut off. It still feels weird to not have my long hair anymore, I miss it a little bit. 

I spent my weekend in the city with Tanya again. I even rode a double decker bus (new in the area) to the city! 

We checked out the market in Glebe which has a fun hippie type vibe to it. I didn't see much that I liked but it was fun to go. I also went to Paddy's Markets for the first time, it is crazy busy!! 

I was supposed to have my first night out in Sydney on Saturday night but instead I drank too much and didn't make it out. I'm sure that isn't the best way to make friends but fingers crossed they invite me back again to go out with them! 

In the end I survived another week, here is to the rest yet to come!

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

What a Week- Week 7

This week started off quite nicely, we played at playgroup, and enjoyed finger paints and bubbles. The little one loved it!

The week went downhill fast after that when T got the flu. She was sick for 3 days, we didn't do much but cuddle, sleep and watch tv. I must admit sick snuggles are nice however they do pass germs so of course I caught the flu by friday. Lucky for me I had it pretty easy! 

I was able to meet up with another au pair by Saturday for some delicious Max Brenner. Also the twins turned 6 on friday and enjoyed celebrating with their friends on saturday by having a sleepover. I had no idea that 5 6yr olds could stay up until 1am and be awake again by 7am!

Sunday was spent wandering Darling Harbour with a friend, it was really cool. There is so much to see and do right in Sydney!