Thursday, January 29, 2015

Wish you were here?

It was really different this year having the chance to go home for christmas. I've had lots of people ask if I had a hard time coming back. I knew I wanted to come back to London, I have so much more to see and do. The first week I did miss my family, the loud and craziness of it! The next week I started planning and booking.

I've been having lots of fun, since I came back to London. I'm trying to get out lots more, though sometimes a good 80's movie night is a really good excuse to stay in. And Patrick Swayze is swoon worthy!

It still hasn't stopped raining since I got back….okay it has stopped a few times to go exploring on the weekend with a hot chocolate. During the week, we had to take advantage of the rain and puddle jump!

I bought my brother's old iPhone just before I left and have really enjoyed my first iPhone. I found a website called Case App where I could design my own phone case. I loved being able to create my own case, monogrammed of course! 

I took one of my favourite new boots for a walk in the sunshine in Oxford, and we even visited Oxford University! It was beautiful in Oxford, all the old buildings though I suspect it would be even better in the summertime when your fingers are not freezing off and there is lots more greenery. 

I booked a trip to Scotland and am looking at Paris now too as I'm going to be getting an extra week off just before Easter. I have 3 days booked in Scotland and can't wait to find Nessie! I have a tour booked to see Edinburgh, Inverness, Loch Ness, and so much more.  

I'm excited about Paris too and being able to explore the city of love! I will be able to have about 5 days there after I get back from Scotland. Hopefully that public school education of French will help me out while I am there. I'm looking forward to the Eiffel Tower, and all the museums. 

Here in London I've booked my Harry Potter tour, my brother is coming to visit in March, I've checked out some more pubs, taken walks by the Thames and by St. James park, and I'm looking forward to doing so much more. Now it hasn't quite warmed up to a temperature where I can wear shorts and a t-shirt buts it's not below freezing either so I'm doing my best to take advantage of being here in London!

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

2015 Resolutions

It's become a tradition of mine to go through old and write out new resolutions for the year. I really enjoy setting myself goals for the year and realizing what I have accomplished. So out with the old and in with the new!

Last Year's Resolutions

1. Continue my adventures travelling
I can say without a doubt that I have done this! I've spent a summer in Canada and moved to London, England as well as weekend trips away to Middlesbrough and Cardiff. 
2. Keep blogging on a regular basis
I've done this one as well, but haven't continued with a weekly theme like last year. 
3. Take some writing classes
This one I definitely didn't do but keep meaning to do. 
4. Spend quality time with family and friends
I really enjoyed doing this over the summer, with beach days, cottage trips and Christmas!
5. Enjoy moments spent with my pets
I have really been cherishing the time I spend with them, even if they (Jack and Indy) don't appreciate it as much as Koda and I do. 
6. Be open minded about where life takes me
My whole life, I've needed a plan and this year I definitely allowed life to show me where I could go and what I could do. 
7. Finally finish my ECE diploma
This one I've started and stopped so many times I can't count but I didn't complete it yet
8. Make memories
I have definitely made memories for myself this year and hopefully for others as well!

Resolutions for 2015
1. Be responsible about money
2. Travel
3. Job/Apartment/Car
4. Be happy
5. ECE diploma
6. Write more stories
7. Act kindly
8. Be healthy
9. Make time with family, friends and pets
10. Learn more

Happy New Year, xx

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Home for the Holidays: Canadian Christmas

This girl went home for the holidays! 

I'm not sure excited was the word for it ecstatic might have been better. I knew last year when I spent Christmas in Australia that it just wasn't the same as a Canadian Christmas. There still wasn't snow this year, not for lack of praying on my part. But there was the most important thing, family.

I jumped right into it, I was able to dress up and attend a huge family gathering that we have every year. 

I was able to see my first live hockey game in over a year, Finland vs. Russia in the World Juniors

I snuggled with this guy, lots and lots

I welcomed Santa to our house and enjoyed gifting presents with my family, some of whom used hockey socks as stockings when they couldn't find their own. 

I watched old movies, like our traditional National Lampoon Christmas Vacation.

I enjoyed our hot tub on a freezing cold night with family and friends.

I was able to spend time with a few friends and as many family members as I could.

I even made a trip to Ottawa for NYE.

I went to the Museum of Nature

It was a wonderful time to spend at home, though it went by fast. I made lots of memories!