Saturday, January 10, 2015

Home for the Holidays: Canadian Christmas

This girl went home for the holidays! 

I'm not sure excited was the word for it ecstatic might have been better. I knew last year when I spent Christmas in Australia that it just wasn't the same as a Canadian Christmas. There still wasn't snow this year, not for lack of praying on my part. But there was the most important thing, family.

I jumped right into it, I was able to dress up and attend a huge family gathering that we have every year. 

I was able to see my first live hockey game in over a year, Finland vs. Russia in the World Juniors

I snuggled with this guy, lots and lots

I welcomed Santa to our house and enjoyed gifting presents with my family, some of whom used hockey socks as stockings when they couldn't find their own. 

I watched old movies, like our traditional National Lampoon Christmas Vacation.

I enjoyed our hot tub on a freezing cold night with family and friends.

I was able to spend time with a few friends and as many family members as I could.

I even made a trip to Ottawa for NYE.

I went to the Museum of Nature

It was a wonderful time to spend at home, though it went by fast. I made lots of memories!

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