Monday, December 9, 2013

Life Thoughts

When I was growing up I never in a million years imagined that I would be travelling to the other side of world. In fact I didn't even think I would leave my hometown.

My future to me was something like graduate high school, go to university an hour away from home, go to teachers college an hour away from home, get a job at my old school or nearby, and while I was achieving those things I imagined that I would meet Mr. Right and get married along the way. I would have probably taken time off when I had children but go back to work after they went to school.

Life as it seems as a funny way of throwing curveballs when you least expect it. As I applied for university, I was convinced to go on a trip to Guelph Ontario where I fell in love with the school. I didn't get in and ended up attending my second choice Ottawa Ontario. I quickly adapted to being a city girl, made plenty of friends, and lost focus of my studies. I could always find something better to do than school work. After two years university and I didn't work out. I was devastated and thought for sure I had ruined my life. Simply by chance I found a job in a daycare doing supply work. I then started my online college diploma in Early Childhood Education. I found a job that I truly loved doing, every day was an adventure. However being home again wasn't as fulfilling as I had previous imagined. I began to feel stuck even though I loved my job. I had a wonderful job, and great family but I felt trapped as though I need to leave. A friend left for Australia and I began to dream.

I began researching and finding information on how to go to Australia myself. I found a way to stay in my job field of childcare and in-between doing research for my classes I did research on my potential move. It wasn't long after that I found a wonderful family in Australia just outside of the city of Sydney.  It seemed that my plans were slowly coming together. As luck would have it, I met a boy. A boy who would have matched my original dreams. We became a couple and as I bought my plane ticket and made final arrangements it become harder and harder to mesh my two dreams together. Australia was calling me and I didn't want to stay.

In June 2013 I left my family, my friends, my boyfriend, my pets and my job to move across the world. I am not good with change and to leave so much behind was so hard. I didn't think I would be able to handle everything on my own. I knew that this was everything I wanted in the end and so I kept reminding myself of this as I struggled with my sadness. I jumped two feet into my job and discovering life here in Australia. Unsurprisingly I fell in love with Australia, it has been everything I have ever wanted. Aside from the creepy crawlies and other dangerous creatures! I have grown so much living here. My relationship wasn't working for me anymore and I had the courage to end it. We still talk as friends and I truly hope the best for him. I think I talk to my family more often living abroad than I did when I lived with them. I do feel that I have a better relationship with them now. I miss being a part of their everyday lives but love hearing all of their stories.

My time here in Australia is soon coming to an end. I have only a few months left and my time here is has been life changing. I miss my family and friends but wish I could bring them here with me. I love Australia so much, I can truly see myself living here. I haven't found Mr. Right here yet but I'm still looking! It is time for me to begin planning my next adventure as I'm still young and have plenty of time to settle down. I hear that there is lots of Aussies in London, so London England here I come! I have changed so much from the small town girl I was. I have truly embraced travel, while I will always love my Canadian roots, there is so much to see and experience. I can't wait to see what comes next and to share it with all of you. X


Sunday, December 8, 2013

Birthdays, Beaches and Packages- Week 26

The little on turned 2 this week, she has come so far since I got here. She was pretty excited to be spoiled and eat cake! She will even tell you when you ask how old she is and try to show two on her hands. She received a kitty from her Dad who has been trying to replace the little doggy I got her awhile ago. We caught the naughty puss trying to eat from her bowl so we showed it where the cat dishes were.

I had my first christmas card in the mail this week, thanks Grandma, I felt pretty special! I also got a note from Australia post informing me that they had in their terms a small package waiting for me. I was pretty excited as family at home had warned me to be ready. I wasn't fully prepared however for this: 

Where do I put the kid?!?!

My very first and at one point only friend here in Australia is leaving me. She injured her back while travelling and was in the hospital. She has some pretty big medical bills to pay off and has to head home early to rest and then start working to pay off the bills. It is sad to see her go before her year is up but she plans on returning again someday! We spent the day at Bronte beach as she leaves on Monday. I will seriously miss her!

I have been making plans myself to start travelling with another new friend. I'm pretty excited to be planning and start exploring new parts of Australia! We are going to go a quick trip to the Gold Coast before Christmas and then Melbourne after New Years. I couldn't miss my first Christmas and New Years here in Sydney!!

Do they know it's christmas time at all- Week 25

It's the end of November and on the first of December I spent the day at the beach!! I still can't believe it, and it barely feels like christmas even though the tree and lights went up. I worked friday and saturday nights but went to the beach on sunday with a friend. We were not the only ones who brought a santa hat to the beach to take pictures. We giggled thinking of everyone at home freezing as we enjoyed sunning ourselves!

I'm also finally starting to win over the cats!

I do work occasionally- Week 24

Seriously though, I do actually work during the week and occasionally on the weekends! This weekend the parent's went away and I had the girls from Saturday morning to Monday afternoon. I promised to lock them in their rooms with only bread and water all weekend. Luckily for them I relented and we had a great weekend watching movies, playing with cousins and neighbours and even had some Maccers (McDonalds for the non-aussies)! We even made it to school on time Monday morning.

The little one and I have been up to some fun adventures. I'm pretty sure that Erwa as she calls me is her best friend. We have been going to playgroup, swimming lessons (a favourite), gymnastics, and dance class. We even squeezed a trip into the city recently.

Out with the old and in with the new- Week 23

Wow what a weekend. I had so much fun, I am still exhausted! I was invited to go out with my new friend for my first time at Opera Bar, it was so much fun. We met another girl who was just new to Sydney and enjoyed the views until it started to pour rain. When I say pour I really mean like the heavens opened up and torrential rainfall followed. It was crazy!

It seems that people in Sydney love jumping in pictures or photo bombing as they say!

I don't think it has rained this much in the entire time I have been here in Sydney so of course during my 5km Electric Run it down poured. I gave up being dry entirely! It was really neat to see all the costumes, the lights and music! Even though it rained and there were so many people it was hard to run I would definitely recommend this run. 

Because I wasn't tired enough being out on friday night, running on saturday, I joined some girls at an irish pub for a fun night of drinking and dancing! The irish seriously know how to party!

If you can't tell, I love being out in Sydney! There is always something happening and its always fun!

Life Lessons- Week 22

As it turns out you are never too old for life lessons, especially ones that you already learned in high school. Usually in high school you find yourself caught up in new crowds, finding your place, and learning who is really your friend the hard way. I was so excited to have made new friends, girls that I expected to be friends with for life. I brushed off remarks made about others, making excuses for them and allowed myself to become part of a clique. We all know girls can be mean and I learned the hard way who is really your friend and who isn't. These girls decided as a group to no longer be my friend and instead of being mature about their reasons and how to go about not being my friend they ignored me until I asked them about it. Ultimately I do not want to be friends with people who act that way and I am disappointed in them.

Lucky for me I was able to reach out to those who I brushed aside to be friends with those girls. They were very forgiving and I learned more about how to be mature, confident and who is worth having as a friend.

It quite quite an awful week, losing the girls and an aussie guy as well. I also had some other upsetting news from home. I became homesick and missed my girls and family quite badly. I learned just how far away from home you can feel. I also found how how supportive and how much nicer it is to reach out to others. I have become very appreciative of my family and friends back home.

I found a new friend in a girl from California, who showed me what being a real friend in Sydney is! She invited me to crash a birthday party where I was able to meet new girls, and involved me in so much!

Relaxing and Exploring- Week 21

We celebrated Halloween this week. Australians are just now beginning to celebrate halloween so its not very big here. There were only a few families on our street that celebrated, I had fun dressing the girls up. We had a bumblebee, a devil and a skeleton! I think less than 10 kids came to the door for treats. The girls had fun and even collected quite a bit of candy. I have been enjoying the candy!

On saturday I went to a BBQ, my first semi aussie one. My family's cousin lives two doors down the street from us. He was celebrating his 36th birthday with a family and friends BBQ. There were no shrimp sadly, but I enjoyed celebrating anyways!

Sunday I trekked out to the city to walk across the Harbour Bridge. I happened to stumble upon the wonderful Susannah Museum on my way to the Bridge. It is one of the first houses built on the rocks. It has survived and is currently being kept in the original conditions that it was found it. The rooms are all set based on photographs and descriptions of those who lived there. It is a wonderful piece of history being kept alive!

After a trip to the past, I kept on an began my journey across the bridge. It was beautiful to see the city from so high up and I even climbed one of the turrets. I haven't decided yet to climb the entire thing, I fear that my fear of falling off might keep me from doing so. I hear it is wonderful though! It was so windy on the top of the turret but the view was amazing. You could see everything! In the turret was the story of how the bridge was built. It was crazy to hear how men climbed such great heights without safety equipment. I could really see the sense of pride that Sydney and all of Australia had and has for the Bridge.