Sunday, December 8, 2013

Life Lessons- Week 22

As it turns out you are never too old for life lessons, especially ones that you already learned in high school. Usually in high school you find yourself caught up in new crowds, finding your place, and learning who is really your friend the hard way. I was so excited to have made new friends, girls that I expected to be friends with for life. I brushed off remarks made about others, making excuses for them and allowed myself to become part of a clique. We all know girls can be mean and I learned the hard way who is really your friend and who isn't. These girls decided as a group to no longer be my friend and instead of being mature about their reasons and how to go about not being my friend they ignored me until I asked them about it. Ultimately I do not want to be friends with people who act that way and I am disappointed in them.

Lucky for me I was able to reach out to those who I brushed aside to be friends with those girls. They were very forgiving and I learned more about how to be mature, confident and who is worth having as a friend.

It quite quite an awful week, losing the girls and an aussie guy as well. I also had some other upsetting news from home. I became homesick and missed my girls and family quite badly. I learned just how far away from home you can feel. I also found how how supportive and how much nicer it is to reach out to others. I have become very appreciative of my family and friends back home.

I found a new friend in a girl from California, who showed me what being a real friend in Sydney is! She invited me to crash a birthday party where I was able to meet new girls, and involved me in so much!

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