Sunday, December 8, 2013

Relaxing and Exploring- Week 21

We celebrated Halloween this week. Australians are just now beginning to celebrate halloween so its not very big here. There were only a few families on our street that celebrated, I had fun dressing the girls up. We had a bumblebee, a devil and a skeleton! I think less than 10 kids came to the door for treats. The girls had fun and even collected quite a bit of candy. I have been enjoying the candy!

On saturday I went to a BBQ, my first semi aussie one. My family's cousin lives two doors down the street from us. He was celebrating his 36th birthday with a family and friends BBQ. There were no shrimp sadly, but I enjoyed celebrating anyways!

Sunday I trekked out to the city to walk across the Harbour Bridge. I happened to stumble upon the wonderful Susannah Museum on my way to the Bridge. It is one of the first houses built on the rocks. It has survived and is currently being kept in the original conditions that it was found it. The rooms are all set based on photographs and descriptions of those who lived there. It is a wonderful piece of history being kept alive!

After a trip to the past, I kept on an began my journey across the bridge. It was beautiful to see the city from so high up and I even climbed one of the turrets. I haven't decided yet to climb the entire thing, I fear that my fear of falling off might keep me from doing so. I hear it is wonderful though! It was so windy on the top of the turret but the view was amazing. You could see everything! In the turret was the story of how the bridge was built. It was crazy to hear how men climbed such great heights without safety equipment. I could really see the sense of pride that Sydney and all of Australia had and has for the Bridge. 

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