Sunday, December 8, 2013

Birthdays, Beaches and Packages- Week 26

The little on turned 2 this week, she has come so far since I got here. She was pretty excited to be spoiled and eat cake! She will even tell you when you ask how old she is and try to show two on her hands. She received a kitty from her Dad who has been trying to replace the little doggy I got her awhile ago. We caught the naughty puss trying to eat from her bowl so we showed it where the cat dishes were.

I had my first christmas card in the mail this week, thanks Grandma, I felt pretty special! I also got a note from Australia post informing me that they had in their terms a small package waiting for me. I was pretty excited as family at home had warned me to be ready. I wasn't fully prepared however for this: 

Where do I put the kid?!?!

My very first and at one point only friend here in Australia is leaving me. She injured her back while travelling and was in the hospital. She has some pretty big medical bills to pay off and has to head home early to rest and then start working to pay off the bills. It is sad to see her go before her year is up but she plans on returning again someday! We spent the day at Bronte beach as she leaves on Monday. I will seriously miss her!

I have been making plans myself to start travelling with another new friend. I'm pretty excited to be planning and start exploring new parts of Australia! We are going to go a quick trip to the Gold Coast before Christmas and then Melbourne after New Years. I couldn't miss my first Christmas and New Years here in Sydney!!

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