Sunday, February 23, 2014

Avoca 2.0- Week 37

The sun finally came out this week thank goodness! It was so relaxing to play in the sand, splash in the water, and lay with a good book. Of course I looked after the kids a little bit too. I even went cliff jumping which was pretty scary. The cliff was near lots of rocks that potentially you could crash into when the waves came. The jumping part was easy as it wasn't too high but once I got into the water I couldn't find the spot to climb back up the cliff! Of course two big waves came and pushed me around before I finally spotted the part of the cliff to climb back up on. I was only battered and bruised a little bit. It went well with my sunburn haha!

Being at the beach always reminds me how much I love Australia and even though I want to go home to visit, Australia is in my blood now!

Beach Beach- Week 36

This week we were counting down the days until we got to leave to go to back to Avoca Beach for the week. The girls wanted to start packing on monday and we didn't leave until saturday! Lucky for us the week flew by with school, scouts, playgroup, swimming, gymnastics, dance, and play dates. I made a visit to the library and returned with what probably looked like too many books but most likely not enough for me!

Sadly upon saturday the heavens opened up and poured rain, not a great start to our Beach holiday but made for plenty of great picture opportunities!

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Keeping in touch- Week 35

This week was my first week back to our normal routine. It was fun to get back to it after quite a few weeks away from it and tiring too! The littlest one has been enjoying the freedom of being toilet trained and I am too. Our travels are much easier and our bags much lighter. She has recently discovered dandelions which she says are "pretty", and they are great to decorate your new ponytail with too!

The olympics started this week, and I have never felt so Canadian. I'm missing my Canadian olympic coverage on tv for sure. I went through the trouble of recording everything and making the girls watch the olympics all day everyday! 


I spent all day saturday catching up with one of my best friends from home. I had forgotten how easily it is to spend hours talking and still have more to talk about! It was really nice and fun to finally be able to discuss summer plans.  I'm getting excited to return home!

I'm working on travel plans for when I finish work in April as I will have a month and a half to travel before returning home in the beginning of June. It's exhausting figuring out budgets, places, and travel mates but also fun too. There are quite a few posts being passed around on the internet about travelling and dating which are quite fun to read. To sum them up date someone who travels and it will be the best decision of your life. 

Check them out here:


Tuesday, February 4, 2014

A Quiet Week- Week 34

This week was pretty quiet, just me and the little one hanging out. She was very excited to get back to her activities, she had been missing them. Mission potty training has pretty much been accomplished and she is practicing nap times with out a diaper. I'm pretty proud of her as she learned so quickly! The twins were excited to get back into their classrooms as much as I teased them that they would cry because they missed me.

Friday night I finally got the Max Brenner I had been craving lately, a huge ice cream sundae! I loved spending quality girl time talking with my English friend! I spent the rest of the weekend Skyping, making phone calls, facebooking, sleeping and reading. I did get out of bed to spend the afternoon in the pool on saturday and share some wine with the family. It was a wonderfully lazy weekend!

This link is currently floating around the internet and made me laugh. Let me know if I should bring any home with me!

Ps. If anyone can send me some quality homemade canadian maple syrup I will forever be in your debt

Last Week of School Holidays/ Australia Day Weekend- Week 33

It's funny most of the Moms that I talk to are excited for the kids to all go back to school, but not me. The girls and I are still enjoying being on holidays, we haven't gotten sick of one another yet! I'm not quite sure what we will do next week when we have to wake up early and rush off to school, morning activities, cleaning, back to school, home again, and do it all over again. Can you tell yet why I like school holidays?!?!

This week was a little bit bittersweet as I said goodbye to American boy, it was sad to see him go but I know that I made a friend for life! I was also excited for a three day weekend and Australia Day! Saturday was spent with my family here, we had friends over and drank way too much wine while all the kids played. It was lots of fun! Sunday was the official Australia Day, Australia Day is nothing like Canada Day as they spend their day doing BBQ's or hitting the beach. It was too cold for the beach though so I headed into the city in the afternoon to check out the events and maybe meet up with friends later on in the day. I must have headed out too late because I really didn't see any of the events. But really, no one was that dressed up either!! They did run some antique buses to shuttle people around the city for free which were cute.  I found some girls later on to go out for a drink and see the Australia Day Fireworks at Darling Harbour (thats 3 weekends in a row).

All in all Canada I miss you and can't wait to celebrate this year!!

Playdates and Darling Harbour Fireworks Finally- Week 32

This week the girls and I continued relaxing our way through the school holidays. It's actually been great having them at home. We could all get used to how nice it is to play with friends, swim in the pool and get candy for using the potty! That's right my littlest one who turned two is December is almost potty trained. She has been doing amazingly, only a few accidents although we do put nappies on if we are going somewhere and for sleeping. We were able to have some fun this week at the mall cracking open eggs for dinosaur bones and playing with lego!

This weekend started with an awesome bar crawl, for only 10 dollars! I was able to hangout with my great English friend, and meet some new girls too. American boy came along for a little bit as well. 

I spent all day Saturday enjoying the sun again (peeling was pretty much gone from the last time haha). This time was Manly which has quite a few little coves and beaches. Shelly Beach which is talked about quite a bit around here was sheltered from the ocean in a nice little cove, and had great view of Manly. The ferry to and from Manly from the city is very peaceful and is a picturesque way to get to and from. 

Sunday after finding some time to sleep I was able to check out the area directly underneath the Harbour Bridge. There are some old cannons there and it used to be a lookout/ cannon area. The old cannons were really cool to see. Since I was under the Bridge, I saw a group of people heading up to do their bridge climb, I think that I could probably go home feeling good that I didn't climb the Bridge!

Back to Work- Week 31

My holidays are over sadly, I was quite enjoying them. They were pretty relaxed, I spent lots of time exploring the city, and even went to the beach. I made a new friend in an american boy visiting. I got the play the local and show him around my city.

The girls have been great this week, we started potty training the littlest one, spent heaps of time at park and in the pool with friends. It's been quite a relaxing week!

I'm now peeling from getting a sunburn last weekend.  I didn't know that my face could peel so much! It must be from too much fun at Coogee beach swimming in the ocean and jumping off rocks into the rock pool.

This weekend I went out to celebrate a birthday for a friend, we started on Bondi Beach, and ended up back in the city. It's funny when we introduce ourselves as a mixed up bunch, all foreign and all nannies. People are really curious about our nanny Facebook groups and how we are all friends!

I was able to hangout with the American boy again this weekend, I brought him along to the birthday party and the on Saturday we checked out the Sydney Police and Justice Museum. It was really cool to see and hear all of the old cases. There was certainly some interesting criminals back then!

I finally checked out the Darling Harbour Fireworks which go off almost every Saturday night. I went two wonderful English girls and we found a great spot. I love taking pictures of fireworks they always turn out to be so cool!

It's been a busy start to the new year!!