Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Last Week of School Holidays/ Australia Day Weekend- Week 33

It's funny most of the Moms that I talk to are excited for the kids to all go back to school, but not me. The girls and I are still enjoying being on holidays, we haven't gotten sick of one another yet! I'm not quite sure what we will do next week when we have to wake up early and rush off to school, morning activities, cleaning, back to school, home again, and do it all over again. Can you tell yet why I like school holidays?!?!

This week was a little bit bittersweet as I said goodbye to American boy, it was sad to see him go but I know that I made a friend for life! I was also excited for a three day weekend and Australia Day! Saturday was spent with my family here, we had friends over and drank way too much wine while all the kids played. It was lots of fun! Sunday was the official Australia Day, Australia Day is nothing like Canada Day as they spend their day doing BBQ's or hitting the beach. It was too cold for the beach though so I headed into the city in the afternoon to check out the events and maybe meet up with friends later on in the day. I must have headed out too late because I really didn't see any of the events. But really, no one was that dressed up either!! They did run some antique buses to shuttle people around the city for free which were cute.  I found some girls later on to go out for a drink and see the Australia Day Fireworks at Darling Harbour (thats 3 weekends in a row).

All in all Canada I miss you and can't wait to celebrate this year!!

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