Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Back to Work- Week 31

My holidays are over sadly, I was quite enjoying them. They were pretty relaxed, I spent lots of time exploring the city, and even went to the beach. I made a new friend in an american boy visiting. I got the play the local and show him around my city.

The girls have been great this week, we started potty training the littlest one, spent heaps of time at park and in the pool with friends. It's been quite a relaxing week!

I'm now peeling from getting a sunburn last weekend.  I didn't know that my face could peel so much! It must be from too much fun at Coogee beach swimming in the ocean and jumping off rocks into the rock pool.

This weekend I went out to celebrate a birthday for a friend, we started on Bondi Beach, and ended up back in the city. It's funny when we introduce ourselves as a mixed up bunch, all foreign and all nannies. People are really curious about our nanny Facebook groups and how we are all friends!

I was able to hangout with the American boy again this weekend, I brought him along to the birthday party and the on Saturday we checked out the Sydney Police and Justice Museum. It was really cool to see and hear all of the old cases. There was certainly some interesting criminals back then!

I finally checked out the Darling Harbour Fireworks which go off almost every Saturday night. I went two wonderful English girls and we found a great spot. I love taking pictures of fireworks they always turn out to be so cool!

It's been a busy start to the new year!!

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