Saturday, February 22, 2014

Keeping in touch- Week 35

This week was my first week back to our normal routine. It was fun to get back to it after quite a few weeks away from it and tiring too! The littlest one has been enjoying the freedom of being toilet trained and I am too. Our travels are much easier and our bags much lighter. She has recently discovered dandelions which she says are "pretty", and they are great to decorate your new ponytail with too!

The olympics started this week, and I have never felt so Canadian. I'm missing my Canadian olympic coverage on tv for sure. I went through the trouble of recording everything and making the girls watch the olympics all day everyday! 


I spent all day saturday catching up with one of my best friends from home. I had forgotten how easily it is to spend hours talking and still have more to talk about! It was really nice and fun to finally be able to discuss summer plans.  I'm getting excited to return home!

I'm working on travel plans for when I finish work in April as I will have a month and a half to travel before returning home in the beginning of June. It's exhausting figuring out budgets, places, and travel mates but also fun too. There are quite a few posts being passed around on the internet about travelling and dating which are quite fun to read. To sum them up date someone who travels and it will be the best decision of your life. 

Check them out here:


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