Tuesday, February 4, 2014

A Quiet Week- Week 34

This week was pretty quiet, just me and the little one hanging out. She was very excited to get back to her activities, she had been missing them. Mission potty training has pretty much been accomplished and she is practicing nap times with out a diaper. I'm pretty proud of her as she learned so quickly! The twins were excited to get back into their classrooms as much as I teased them that they would cry because they missed me.

Friday night I finally got the Max Brenner I had been craving lately, a huge ice cream sundae! I loved spending quality girl time talking with my English friend! I spent the rest of the weekend Skyping, making phone calls, facebooking, sleeping and reading. I did get out of bed to spend the afternoon in the pool on saturday and share some wine with the family. It was a wonderfully lazy weekend!

This link is currently floating around the internet and made me laugh. Let me know if I should bring any home with me!


Ps. If anyone can send me some quality homemade canadian maple syrup I will forever be in your debt

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