Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Playdates and Darling Harbour Fireworks Finally- Week 32

This week the girls and I continued relaxing our way through the school holidays. It's actually been great having them at home. We could all get used to how nice it is to play with friends, swim in the pool and get candy for using the potty! That's right my littlest one who turned two is December is almost potty trained. She has been doing amazingly, only a few accidents although we do put nappies on if we are going somewhere and for sleeping. We were able to have some fun this week at the mall cracking open eggs for dinosaur bones and playing with lego!

This weekend started with an awesome bar crawl, for only 10 dollars! I was able to hangout with my great English friend, and meet some new girls too. American boy came along for a little bit as well. 

I spent all day Saturday enjoying the sun again (peeling was pretty much gone from the last time haha). This time was Manly which has quite a few little coves and beaches. Shelly Beach which is talked about quite a bit around here was sheltered from the ocean in a nice little cove, and had great view of Manly. The ferry to and from Manly from the city is very peaceful and is a picturesque way to get to and from. 

Sunday after finding some time to sleep I was able to check out the area directly underneath the Harbour Bridge. There are some old cannons there and it used to be a lookout/ cannon area. The old cannons were really cool to see. Since I was under the Bridge, I saw a group of people heading up to do their bridge climb, I think that I could probably go home feeling good that I didn't climb the Bridge!

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