Monday, October 13, 2014

A Castle in Cardiff

After a fun week with the boys, lots of colouring in and halloween pictures. I didn't realize how well I could draw jack-o-lanterns! We enjoyed our standing Starbucks date with pumpkin cake and mango juice too.

A last minute trip to Cardiff turned into a weekend to remember. I was able to spend time with more Australia travel friends. It's amazing how one trip can lead to so many more! I'm happy to be able to travel so easily to visit friends that I made in Australia. 

We stayed at the Bunkhouse Hostel and I'm very upset that I forgot to take a picture of the main bar area as it was beautifully decorated. The hostel was clean and well maintained though the beds could be a bit more comfy. I would stay again as it was central to everything. 

Cardiff was beautiful and our first agenda was breakfast which was an amazing little pancake and crepe place.  I had a crepe with apples, cinnamon and syrup, it tasted very similar to apple pie! Next was the castle. I said that as long as I saw the castle on my trip, I would be happy to do anything else after. It was amazing to do the castle tour. I can't describe the feeling of looking and seeing how it had changed over the years knowing that until recently in the past 100 years that people lived there. 

 I heard that a night out in Cardiff was a fun one and it certainly was. I enjoyed meeting new people and attempting to talk to the welsh in my strange and funny accent. I actually had a few people who couldn't understand me nor I them! I tried and enjoyed pumpkin ale (can you tell I'm on a pumpkin kick!)

The next day was a wonderful tour of Cardiff Bay, the Cardiff Assembly and Barry Island. I had the best tour guide, though slightly hungover from the night before. While it may not have been a sunny beach and bay it was still beautiful!

I would definitely put Cardiff on the list to visit again!

Northern Adventures

I was delighted this weekend to finally be reunited with one of my very first travel friends. It's funny how people that you have only known for a few days can become such close friends.

I travelled this weekend to Newcastle and Middlesbrough. The transit system here in the UK is indeed amazing. And quite cheap, although it was a long journey on the bus up to the north! I spent an evening out in Newcastle which was fun, and then an evening in Middlesbrough. I tried the food of Middlesbrough, parmo, which is essentially their own variation of parmesan chicken. We even stopped for the biggest ice cream sundaes, which were delicious!

It was wonderful to spend a weekend in the North, I will have to make a return trip.