Friday, August 16, 2013

The week we almost didn't survive- Week 8

Screaming is just a phase right? Please let it be or else we may both be going insane!! 

This week was spent getting over the twins birthday party and all the sickness that we had last week. T has now gone full blown into her screaming as a way to converse phase. It is driving us all nuts! 

We have a hair dresser who comes to the house and trims everyone's hair for them. I finally went all the way in having my long hair cut off. It still feels weird to not have my long hair anymore, I miss it a little bit. 

I spent my weekend in the city with Tanya again. I even rode a double decker bus (new in the area) to the city! 

We checked out the market in Glebe which has a fun hippie type vibe to it. I didn't see much that I liked but it was fun to go. I also went to Paddy's Markets for the first time, it is crazy busy!! 

I was supposed to have my first night out in Sydney on Saturday night but instead I drank too much and didn't make it out. I'm sure that isn't the best way to make friends but fingers crossed they invite me back again to go out with them! 

In the end I survived another week, here is to the rest yet to come!

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