Saturday, July 18, 2015

Coach Adventures

One of my favourite things about the Uk is how amazing their transportation system is. Back home everything is so far and the public transportation is so expensive. It basically forces you to drive everywhere. I've been using the coaches to my great advantage, megabus and national express are so cheap. I've been able to cross Cambridge, Bristol, Bath and Stonehenge all of my list!!

Cambridge was beautiful, it was a nice rainy english day when I visited. There were bikes everywhere, the university is so incorporated into the city itself that you would really need the bikes to get from one college to the next. I loved the old architecture and green spaces, beautiful parks!

Bristol was another rainy day… getting a theme here! I went with an English friend and we made the best of it, walking across the suspension bridge, enjoying a weather spoons lunch, wandering around the markets, and by the river. We even attended a church service!

Bath and Stonehenge were part of a day trip together, I met a lovely American couple and another young Canadian. I definitely thought the Bath's were going to be similar to the hot springs in Alberta Canada that I had been to before. Sooo useable, but these ones definitely hadn't been used since the time of Bath being popular for the nobles to go to. Even then I would have thought it to be old! I did dip my hand into one of the pools, to hopefully capture its magical healing powers. Stonehenge was gorgeous, very very windy but massive. Some tours allow you to go inside but I was stuck behind the ropes, still relatively close considering how massive they are. It's neat to hear the different theories of how they got there and where the rocks are all from. I'm still going with witchcraft.

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