Tuesday, July 9, 2013

School Holidays- Week Four

The girls started their school holidays this week, so that means that I have all three of them at home with me. It has been busy to say the least, while the twins are helpful sometimes they are too helpful! We have spent our week making bird feeders, going to see a superhero show, having friends over to play, attending dancing, lunch date at mcdonalds, playing at the park, getting a library card, borrowing library books, painting rocks, making rice krispie treats and playing with shaving cream in shower. (as it turns out shaving cream as great cleaning qualities!)

My weekend was pretty busy as well. I had a wonderful FaceTime date with my family who woke me up at 7:30am on a saturday! I also had lunch with a new friend, then spent the afternoon reading in the sun. It was 23 degree which was awesome. On sunday I had a morning wakeup call to go into the city, finally a chance to go see Sydney. We walked around the market at the Rocks, saw some interesting things like kangaroo balls keychains, cockroach keychains, and alligator heads. I saw some great views of the Harbour too! We had morning tea at a little Irish tea shop, and I enjoyed some scones and a mocha.

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  1. Hi, so DID make it! Sounds like you have been VERY busy.

    Featherdale is always a stop when I have international visitors. Only place you can really get up close and personal with animals.

    Sorry I didn't get back to you about coming to Oz, but I came in 1974 (yes I'm old) as a young teacher and my experiences would have been so different to yours. Anyway, glad you made it.

    We're out in Dubbo...different to Sydney. I sometimes fly to Sydney for the day when I feel like a holiday. Always enjoy being in the city--for a day--and not driving.

    If you get the chance the Bridge Climb is a must. I'm afraid of heights, but did it!

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella Roxy & Tobi--their personal assistant.

    Welcome to Oz.