Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Settling In- Week Two

It has been quite busy settling in, learning the routine, and being with the family. I have fully adjusted to the time change. It has been hard to do everything on my own, last week I was in a handover from the last au pair and myself. We were able to split all the jobs and had someone to talk to all day. This week has been harder, the girls are getting to school just on time rather than early, and I am figuring out all the cleaning into a routine. Daily I do school drop off and pick up, lunch for myself and Trinity, nap time for Trinity, bit of a break for myself, make supper, make after school snack, clean out lunch boxes and make new lunches, serve dinner, clean up and shower time.

My week looks something like this:

MONDAY: Playgroup, clean bathrooms, laundry
TUESDAY: Clean upstairs (vacuum, mop), laundry
WEDNESDAY: Gymnastics, iron, dust, laundry
THURSDAY: After school park play, clean downstairs (vacuum, mop), laundry
FRIDAY: Dancing, iron, laundry

Also I saw my first real spider, it was super scary! Its also really neat to see all the wild birds here that are kept as pets at home, like cockatoos.

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