Tuesday, October 22, 2013

International Fleet Review- Week 17/18

There is a navy base here in Sydney and while there are usually loads of sailors around this weekend, there were an extra 8000 navy personnel in Sydney as well as tourists. Prince Harry was in town to welcome the fleets. Sadly I missed him, I'm positive that he was upset about missing me as well. Next time fate will bring us closer to one another! I had the chance to check out the war ships, tall ships and the navy fleet parade. I even met some cute sailors from the states! The parade was great, I took the littlest one with me to watch. She was really good, loved getting her navy tattoos and balloons but she did fall asleep in the middle of the parade.

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  1. Gorgeous pictures Erika! It looks like you are having some great adventures in OZ. I received an email from Cousin Chad this week. He would like you to contact him so he can show you around Perth, if you would like. Let me know which email I should send that contact information to for you. Ann, TBL