Sunday, June 7, 2015

Feels like Home

Sometimes when you are travelling you find a place that feels like home, that you fall in love with and grow further in love with the more times you visit. Edinburgh has made me feel like this. I just had to return, I suspect I will keep on returning my whole life.

I took an overnight bus from London to Edinburgh and woke up at 6am to the beautiful sun over the hills. In that moment, I was thinking of ways to return again.

If I'd fallen in love in the cold, wet and miserable rain, the sunshine on the hills made me want to forget life and stay right where I was. 

I spent my morning with a hot chocolate, wandering around. I ate lunch at a cute cafe, called City Cafe. It had a fifties diner feel and I just had to go back for breakfast another day. I invited myself over for tea at Holyrood Palace but sadly the Queen wasn't in. I got a lovely tour inside and around the gardens as well.

My delightfully sunny day turned cold and windy with rain of course so I continued my Edinburgh explorations indoors by going on the Scotch Whiskey Experience. I've actually tried whiskey before and in the moment vowed never again. This time I was able to learn how whiskey is made as well as the different areas of Scotland that produce different tastes. I picked a Highlands Scotch to taste and was instructed on the proper way to taste a whiskey, breathing, swirling and sipping allowing it to sit in my mouth before swallowing. I didn't have the same extreme reaction as last time but I wouldn't say I'm a whiskey drinker now. 

The best things about staying in hostels in meeting new people and hearing their stories. I grabbed drinks with a guy from Poland and traded views on everything. Edinburgh's grass market has some great pubs. I quickly realized that I know nothing about Poland or life there. But what was more interesting was that most people leave to travel for the same reason, needing to experience more than what is at home. 

I took advantage of sleeping in the next day, and grabbed an amazing lunch at the Larder Cafe. My lunch was not only huge but delicious too. The place was full and there were people waiting for tables but luckily just being only me I was able to get a table quickly. 

Another rainy wet day but certainly no reason to sit inside when there were buildings to see and graveyards to visit. I walked for hours around Edinburgh exploring up and down streets. The architecture is a big part of why I love Edinburgh, all the buildings are beautiful. 

My last day in Edinburgh I finally tried Haggis and Black Pudding which conveniently came with my breakfast at the City Cafe. I who used to hate trying anything new, willingly tried both. I wasn't a fan of the spices used in them so didn't eat any more after the first bite. 

I was so lucky on my last day that the sun came out again, in full force for my hike up Arthur's Seat. The views were stunning to say the least. I took my time going up taking pictures of everything and just soaking it all in…..oh and trying to breathe because walking around London and hiking up a hill are two completely different things! 

 Another happy place found

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