Monday, June 15, 2015

Mon ami dans Madrid

I know what you are thinking….uh Erika they don't speak French in Madrid. Funny thing though that when confronted with a language you know nothing of that your brain reverts to anything foreign that you do know…so in my case French. It was definitely a laugh!

One of my very best friends moved away to travel just before I did, two years ago and we hadn't seen one another since. It's crazy because with the internet it means I can call her, Skype, FaceTime, Facebook, message, email, everything and I can talk to her everyday. It honestly felt like nothing had changed. I will admit that I did cry a little at the airport when I saw her though!!

Madrid was everything I imagined it would be…so basically like house hunters international. Everyone spoke Spanish, I spoke English and French; I did manage to get out gracias once or twice haha. One of the first things I definitely noticed was the amazing blinds for afternoon siestas and the heat. Ohhh the heat! I've lost my tolerance for heat and my skin is white as an english rose. I may have blinded some people walking around with shorts on.

I made it my mission to try everything, some of the things I don't even know what they were but I did it. Far cry from my peanut butter days, right Dad! At first I didn't understand what tapas were, I assumed that tapas were the name of a meal but actually its a general name for the different appetizers that you can order or get free with your drinks.

I quite enjoyed the spanish siestas, fireworks for the festival that was on, meeting lots of new people, seeing all the touristy sights and basking in the glow of meeting up with one of my best friends after two years!

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