Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Christmas Adventures Part Two- Week 29/30

Merry Christmas All!

Christmas morning came much much earlier than I have gotten used to in the past years. I had a wake up call from three very excited little girls at 6am. I did hear that they had been awake since 5am!

We opened presents from Santa and from each other, we video called my family in Canada to share our christmas morning with them on their christmas eve. I was able to open my presents in front of my family, it was pretty exciting to finally see what was in the pretty packages I was mailed a few weeks ago!

It was pretty amazing to be able to talk to my family on their christmas morning as well. I had a nap and then woke up at midnight my time to watch them open presents. It was really special and I really felt like I was there instead of being on the other side of the world. While I did miss them and missed being able to share christmas completely with them. This brought me closer to them during the holidays. 

After we finished celebrating christmas, I feel like I was on my computer talking to family for three days straight, because I was! I took a day to go into the city and wander around, I read a book by Darling Harbour and took some pictures near Sydney Harbour. 

Just before NYE I spent another day at the beach Bondi of course to experience the packed summer beach. It was honestly not as bad as I was expecting. I also completed a walk that I started when I first moved here. I walked from Bondi Beach all the way to Coogee Beach. It was beautiful!

Merry Christmas, I hope you were able to spend it with friends and family. 

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