Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Counting Down- Week 27 and 28

It's been deathly hot here, I thought I was prepared and welcoming but let me tell you doing the school runs in this heat has been horrible! At home you can really see the children start to struggle with routines because christmas is so close so combine that with summer and we are driving each other crazy!

In order to survive one another we have been going in the pool after school for at least an hour to cool off. Of course this cuts into homework, lunch making and dinner time but its definitely worth it! 

We did some christmas memory making over the weekend, putting up more decorations and my favourite making my Great- Grandma's special Jam-Jam cookie recipe. It was really cute to share the tradition with the twins and surprisingly with a few ingredient switch ups there still tasted great!

The girls were finished school for Christmas/Summer Holidays on the 18th which means we had two whole days to relax. We went next door to play and had delicious pancakes for breakfast and then had a cousin over for a swim and gingerbread cookie making!

We can't wait for christmas to spend more time relaxing by the pool!

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