Sunday, March 30, 2014

More- Week 42

This week there was another trip to the city and more surfing! The little one and I headed into the city on our own this week to check out the Sydney Wildlife Zoo. It's right next to the Aquarium and just as much fun. We even petted a bearded dragon and two snakes. She was thrilled and spent lots of time waving at the snap snap aka croc.

Surfing went much much better this weekend, I didn't run over any small children! The group was big again but they split those of us who had done lessons before away from the very beginners. I was a little bit worried when the others said they had all done 6plus lessons but while we were reviewing what we should have learned already they didn't know. This reassured me that I was in the right group for my skills. We learned how to turn in theory, I still can't manage it in practice. It was great that we were able to hit the water before the rest of our big group and got some good rides in. When the rest of the group came I practiced falling off my board in order to avoid people. I was hit once or twice by someone else. I didn't think anything of it while in the water but noticed a big bruise when I got home. I quite enjoyed the instructors who were great at giving tips and helping to catch waves. This was my last lesson with them unless I have some extra money at the end of my travels. I would recommend Manly Surf School to anyone looking to begin surf lessons. 

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