Sunday, November 2, 2014

This Life

This week I welcomed the terrible twos with one of the boys I look after! I must be crazy to endure another year of terrible twos but I do love when children are discovering the themselves and the world around them.

After a day of celebrations I prepared to spend the next day in the frightening parts of London. Tower of London and Jack the Ripper Tour. However with it being half-term here this week, the tower was packed! I spent some time at the Sherlock Holmes pub for some excellent fish and chips as well as a beer. The Jack the Ripper tour was wonderful and I would definitely recommend it. I went with a friend and we got a deal through Groupon the wonderful place of cheap deals! Our tour was with London Mystery Tours and the tour guide was great. There were lots of facts and information as well as a theory in the end about who did it! 

After the walk I managed to get some great pictures of London now that everyone had left for the day!

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