Monday, December 8, 2014

A visit in London

The best thing about making friends all over the world while travelling is running into them again in new places! I was lucky to have a friend come to London to visit this weekend that I met while in Australia. We had a fully packed weekend with no stops.

Friday started with a visit at night to the Natural History Museum. Sadly nothing came alive as far as I could tell. The museum was beautiful at night, the architecture inside was breathtaking. We went with a group that I found on a website called Meet Up to try and make more friends here in London. I met lots of new people and had a great time.

Saturday we wandered around exploring London. I tried Macaroons for the first time, turns out they taste really good! I meant to take a picture but you will have to settle with the sign of the store since I ate them immediately. The Covent Garden market was great and I will have to make a return trip to check it out more. We went out at night to hit up some of the London Gay clubs which were fabulous, much better than the ones in Sydney. My favourite was Village! It is really nice to open yourself up to new experiences and new friends. 

Sunday was filled with so much walking and we did a repeat of last year's before Christmas trip by going to Ripley's Believe It or Not. It's going to have to be a tradition now! We walked around Hyde Park, and tried to get into Winter Wonderland but it seemed that everyone else had the same idea and the line was huge. We went to Harrods to see the lights and window displays as well as to check out what was inside. The people inside were a mix of tourists and gaudy looking people who had money to spend apparently. It was like a maze trying to get through the shoppers and the store itself. I'd like to go back on a quieter day to take a wander around as the egyptian escalator looked really neat. 

We finished the day by taking some Christmassy pictures around London. I, of course came prepared in my christmas jumper and a hat!

………….And in case you were wondering about the telephone booth. 
They are indeed cool looking but I wouldn't recommend using one. 
Unless of course you were looking for a good spot for a wee or some 
phone numbers of certain variety!

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