Sunday, February 1, 2015

Certain Fascinations

I will happily admit that I do have some weird fascinations….particularly with dead people, mummies, executions, amongst other not so weird fascinations such as history, Kings, Queens, castles, towers.

 I was able to indulge that this weekend by checking out the British Museum which is massive and amazing. I only spent a few hours and found myself lost in Roman, Greek, Egyptian, African, New Zealand history. I could probably spend days getting lost in the history and words couldn't describe my amazement at everything. The mummies were exactly what you would expect and the realization that these were people who had no idea that they would make such an impact on the future just by being. I'm definitely changing my viewpoint on what I'd like done after I die…..please mummify me for future generations to ogle at in Museums. I'd like to feel important.

Tower of London, known for so so much violent history. I'd like to say you could feel the Spirits of the past but I think all I felt was how cold and damp it must have been. There were so many stories to be learned, such as pet Polar Bears that were taken swimming in the Thames River, the executions, coronations, Anne Boleyn was here, as well as King Richards missing and murdered nephews in line for the throne ahead of him. The crown jewels were massive, I couldn't imagine wearing them though, maybe if they were not attached to the gaudy looking purple velvet crowns. The Castles inside were small with tiny doorways and stairwells. The grounds were quite large though, with so much to see.

It's weekends like these that remind me why I live abroad 

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