Friday, April 10, 2015

Been there, Done That

This sums up how I feel about Paris. It didn't sweep me off my feet, or make me fall in love instantly. I had to work to appreciate it. I struggled to see its beauty and enchantment and I realized that just maybe Paris isn't for me. 

I arrived in Paris from Scotland, there is truly no comparison, in fact I was perhaps in shock when I arrived. I was short on sleep and food. I ventured to see the Effiel Tower and thought okay now I'm done. Some other travellers suggested I open my heart and I see the romance of the tower at night. So I tried, I threw myself into tours and sights. I experienced a lot. I felt like I was on a school field trip, I was learning and seeing. I didn't hate it so much. I appreciated how gaudy everything was and how much excess there had been. I stepped out of my comfort zone that I had created in travelling English speaking places and went out to eat. I practiced my French. I'm now fluent at saying Merci! I visited the main sights to see and felt I did justice in seeing Paris. I may not have succumb to its apparent charms but I gave it a chance and broadened my horizons. 

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