Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Adventuring: Cairns

DATES: April 23rd- April 27th
HOSTEL: Corona Backpackers
TOURS: Cape Tribulation, Great Barrier Reef

I think I mentioned previously that I don't like change……travelling is one of the best ways to hopefully combat that feeling! Of course leaving Sydney and flying to Cairns was unsettling, I was on my own once again but excited to see what the East Coast had to offer me.

My flight was uneventful, everything went smoothly and I was able to find a transport service directly to my hostel! I stayed at Corona Backpackers (recommend), it was quite small but pretty clean and had everything you needed. The only issue I had was there was no common room. I quickly made friends with some girls in my room and began to overcome my fears about being alone the whole trip!

Cape Tribulation was my first ever visit to a real rainforest! I travelled with The Adventure Company, they picked me up and led me all throughout the day. It seems so far that everyone is pretty friendly and I had a few people to chat with throughout the day. I saw a croc for the first time in the wild, and the rainforest was absolutely amazing to see!

One of my bucket list dreams was to snorkel and dive the Great Barrier Reef, I was able to do this with Tusa Dive. I've snorkelled before and loved doing it but the ocean is a much different experience. The reef was quite calm but there was still a current and the surprise of someone asking if you saw the shark while swimming!! While getting ready to dive I was a bit nervous but mostly excited. I panicked slightly when fully under but quickly got used to everything. I felt just like a mermaid! I found Nemo, amongst other fish, stalked a sea turtle and touched a sea cucumber. I might have also touched some coral OOPPS!

While you couldn't swim in Cairns the crocs and stingers (jellyfish) were too close for comfort, there was an awesome lagoon. It rained lots while I was in Cairns so I didn't get too much of a chance to use it. I did check out the nightlife which is pretty crazy in Cairns. I really enjoyed my stay even though there was lots of construction going on. Hopefully they succeed in making Cairns even better than it was!

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