Monday, August 18, 2014

Last Week of being a Nanny- Week 45

It's amazing to look back and think wow 45 weeks of being in Australia. When I came here I didn't even think I would last until Christmas time, only about 6 months. I left my life, job, boyfriend, family and everything has changed so much. I have made a new life here in an amazing place, I'm single and looking forward to travelling and making more decisions based on the things I want to accomplish on my own!

This week, I really focused on spending time with the girls and enjoying counting down each work day. This is the last time I have to mop the floor, last time I have to dust (haha), last time I have to wash clothes, last time making dinner, and so on. Sometimes it was the little things too that meant a lot, my last time spending a week on holidays with the girls, last hugs, last bedtime tucking in last time snuggling watching movies, etc. We spent a special day out in the city the last of our city adventures together at Luna Park doing Cooney Island. It was really fun to really play with the girls while out!

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