Sunday, August 31, 2014

Adventuring: Magnetic Island

DATES: May 4- May 6
HOSTEL: Base Magnetic Island
TOURS: YHA Koala Sanctuary

Coming to Maggie Island as the locals say, was very surprising there is an entire community right on the island. The island is gorgeous but you can't swim in the ocean because of stingers (jellyfish). There are wild koalas, and little roos. There is also a small reef to snorkel or dive.

I met a girl in line for my room at the hostel Base Magnetic Island and we ended up rooming together. She became one of my travel partners (my wolf pack!). Our rooms were very neat as they were tent top cabins. I met up with another travel friend from Mission Beach and met some more travellers that I would meet up with again throughout my trip. The most asked questions were; are you going up or down, what have you done so far, where did you stay, and where are you from. This hostel was incredibly dirty in the kitchen and bathroom, it was almost as if the other people there just did not know how to clean up after themselves properly. I was very disappointed that way.

There are lots of walks to do on the Island and I did the one up to the old forts. I'm amazing at how much work was put into making the forts, hauling from the mainland and up a huge hill. I saw a wild koala for the first time which was really cool and lots of spiders.

I also went to the YHA Koala Sanctuary, they do a tour of different animals, snakes, spiders, turtles, wombats (my fave), koalas, and cockatoos. I was able to hold and pet everything, it was incredible. I think everyone on our tour was laughing at how excited I was especially to meet a wombat in person.

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