Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Adventuring: Mission Beach

DATES: April 28- May 2
HOSTEL: Mission Beach Retreat YHA

When you think about Australia I"m sure that you think about great beaches and Mission Beach is certainly beautiful. My plan was to spend a week here sunning myself while everyone at home was still getting April snow. It worked, I was so relaxed! I loved the staff at the hostel and made even more friends. The beach was filled with all these little sand balls which I eventually figured out were sand crabs. It was so hard to try to get a picture of these littles guys as they hid so quickly. I joined in on activities like beach soccer (or football as all those English called it), a beach bonfire, killer pool (side note I'm awful at pool) and tanning. I didn't see any crocs but I did hear stories and there were lots of posted signs about stingers but they at least provided a netted area to swim in.  It was so nice to just do nothing!

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