Friday, September 19, 2014

A Few Firsts

This week was a week of firsts; first full week of work, first days of school, first trip to London, first trip on the train, first time seeing a real palace, and first trip to Brighton.

The boys have been great here. We sent the oldest off to school for the first time this week, I spent time finding my way around and taking the youngest to his activities. As per my own habit of loving animals, I've already got the youngest on board looking for cats and dogs while walking and watching multiple youtube videos of cats and dogs! I've really started to adjust time wise but still detest waking up in the mornings!

It was very difficult to organize a bank account here and sign up for a cell phone being a foreigner but its finally all worked out, thank goodness. I've decided that I'm never moving here again, thank goodness I've already done it!

Saturday morning I had set up a coffee meeting with some other au pairs, at Starbucks (so not english!).  It was nice to meet some other girls before organizing my travel card and venturing off to London on the train for the very first time! I was a bit nervous but hey I've travelled before. The trip was so easy, everything was marked, and the city was amazing.

Sunday was supposed to be a bus tour trip to London but most of the route was shut down due to a bike race. So we decided to save that for another weekend and headed to Brighton for a day by the sea! Brighton reminded me a little bit of Byron Bay mixed with old 50's type pier fair attractions and rides. It was very cutesy and I had a great day exploring. 

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