Monday, September 1, 2014

Adventuring: Rainbow Beach

DATES: May 13- May 17
HOSTEL: Pippies Beach House
TOURS: Fraser Explorer

I took the night bus here to Rainbow which was the craziest thing. I met a few friends and had a horrible time trying to sleep. Mental note: take pillow, blankets, real clothes IT'S COLD and uncomfortable. I did manage to make some friends on the bus and ended up rooming with them when I got to Rainbow Beach.

I stayed at Pippies Beach House, I wasn't too such about it as I had heard good and bad things but I enjoyed my time there. It was rainy and they had the best hard drive of movies and tv shows. I became hooked on the Inbetweeners. The beach was nice and there were some great sand dunes to go watch the sunset.

I was able to spend a few days on Fraser Island with Fraser Explorer Tours. It was a very surprising tour, I was with a group of young and older people. We all got along great, it was so nice to hear stories from the older people about Australia or their trips overseas to visit Canada. I was actually sad to leave them all when our tour ended. Fraser Island was beautiful and I got my first sighting of a wild dingo. It was so hard being an animal lover not to go up and hug them. The sand dunes and lakes were amazing. I was even able to go up in a small airplane to see the entire island!

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