Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Another adventure

Today I finished packing and laundry, 
Tomorrow I leave on another airplane for another adventure in another new country 

A few months ago I accepted an offer to work for another family as an aupair in London England. I will be working for a family of 4 with two boys! I'm excited for castles and farms, historical ruins, and everything else that England offers. I can't wait for lego, trains, cars, superheroes, and boy things!

It's a much different feeling leaving this time. The last time I left I was fleeing a life I wasn't ready for, this time I'm a bit more open to it and it's a scary feeling thinking that I could possibly begin to settle in another country. It could be that I have done this before or I have friends in England already. Either way I'm looking at in in a different view than last time. I'm excited and ready though which is the most important part!

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