Monday, September 1, 2014

Adventuring: Coffs Harbour

DATES: May 29- June 2
HOSTEL: Aussitel Backpackers

Coffs Harbour was meant to be a stopover in between Byron Bay and Sydney but it turned out to be a place to meet up with a friend who I met in Mission Beach a few weeks before. Coffs is a small little town that is quite spread out. It reminded me of home but with a beach and ocean.

I stayed at Aussitel Backpackers where my friend was and loved it. It was very clean, the staff and other backpackers were amazing. I met lots of new friends and wished I could have stayed longer. There was so much to do at the hostel. I watched movies, played games, won a game of trivia, went surfing twice, and took lots of naps on the comfy hammocks and bean bag chairs.

The weather wasn't great as it was slowly becoming winter but I had a wonderful time in Coffs Harbour. I conquered the jetty jump, much to the surprise of the children and fishermen. I even taught some friends how to surf thanks to my previous lessons!

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